Kavlov’s Sanctuary Old School Essentials Edition

CAD $40.00

What is Kavlov’s Sanctuary?

Kavlov’s Sanctuary is a campaign module and adventure sandbox created for Old School Essentials. The module is designed with extended play in mind, prioritizing a detailed and immersive setting filled with lore, NPCs, and hooks over a predetermined adventure or rigid plot. It serves as a foundation for game masters to create their own adventures, providing ample opportunity for customization and player-driven exploration.

What’s Inside?

7 New OSE Classes: Play as one of five new grisly classes, including the Flesh Weaver, Blood Baron, Degenerate Cannibal, Mycotic Fiend, Skinned Bastard, Disgraced Court Alchemist, or Roach God Emissary, each packed full of morbid flavor and 6 unique abilities to choose from.
The Village: Filled with lore, NPCs, rumors, and all of the services needed to mourn the loss of your beloved player characters.
The Dreaded Hills: Explore 13 dungeons of increasing difficulty and discover the unique tribes and monsters that occupy them. Filled with over 30+ unique enemies, 10+ bosses, and 20+ magical items.
Wilderness: Landmarks and wilderness locations; the earthen settlements, carnivorous keep, deadwoods, bellroot wilds, and bog!
Bog Witch’s Wares: Over 30 unique and powerful items for PCs to purchase; be warned, the Witch has no use for silver, preferring to deal in ogre’s heart, vampire’s ashes, and other disturbing trinkets instead.
Wandering Monster tables: For the wilderness, deadwoods, bellroot wilds, and bog.
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